Research Project

Linking Viennese Art through AI

A research collaboration that investigates how Artificial Intelligence can help interlink, navigate and analyse art collections.


LiviaAI is a research collaboration to investigate the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to identify patterns, connections and associations between digitized objects in three Viennese art collections: the Belvedere, the Wien Museum, and the Museum für Angewandte Kunst The goal of the project is three-fold:

  1. to explore the use of AI as a tool for Digital Humanists and museum curators to study the use of classification systems and vocabularies across museum collections
  2. to establish connections between online collections so that the associations between them and their individual objects become more visible
  3. to demonstrate how AI can support new online exhibition formats that emphasize serendipitous browsing, exploration of contextual connections, and playful engagement with Vienna's collected heritage

Building on cutting-edge deep learning and natural language processing - most notably representation learning, triplet loss networks and sentence transformers - LiviaAI will explore ways for museum professionals to design their own AI processes without the need for the prohibitive manual data annotation work normally required to train AI models.


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